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Corruption, crime, economic crisis and, last but not least, war in the eastern part of the country have made life in Ukraine very difficult for years. The Catholic Church is in the minority here and takes the form of Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic denominations. Nevertheless, it has an important voice in the fight against corruption and injustice. Currently, the Church is seeking new ways of evangelisation, as it sees its commitment to youth and the family as an important investment in the future. ACN has therefore increasingly strengthened its commitment to family
and youth ministry.

In 2018, family policy was once again a central issue for society and the Church in Ukraine. At the “March for Life” organised by the Interreligious Council of Ukraine in Kiev in June, 8,000 people of all ages and religions demonstrated for the protection of unborn human life and the family. The Church also attaches great importance to youth work. With ACN’s support, a Spiritual Youth Forum was held in October 2018 in preparation for the Youth Synod, where common goals were formulated and ideas and projects developed.

Candles in the Greek-Catholic Church in Kiev.
Candles in the Greek-Catholic Church in Kiev.

Fortunately, there are still many new priestly vocations in Ukraine. On the other hand, living expenses are continually rising at seminaries and in the monasteries. By promoting the education and training of priests and religious, we try to cushion the material needs of the local Church.

» For a better future, we are going down new paths in evangelisation. «

In 2018, the Catholic media outlets Radio Voskressinnya, Zhyve.TV, EWTN and Radio Maria, which spread the Word of God, were also supported. Particularly in a time of military conflict in Eastern Ukraine, they represent a means of reconciliation and understanding amongst the population.