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Bulgaria is one of the poorest countries in the European Union. Unemployment and corruption are widespread. Specifically, we funded the construction and renovation of church buildings in the country, in order to provide a dignified space to the community life of the faithful. In addition, we provided material support to secure the livelihood of the religious and supported the education and training of priests.

» Foreign priests create the spiritual basis for Catholic structures and callings in the country. «

The Bulgarian Roman Catholic Church is largely supported by missionaries from Italy, Poland and France. Their selfless dedication and sacrifice are sources of inspiration. At the same time, the wounds of communism are reflected in a deficiency of local callings to the priesthood and religious life. Changing this situation is a major challenge for the country’s Church.

A woman in front of the church in Rakovski.
A woman in front of the church in Rakovski.

We are funding a Salesian construction project

In Stara Zagora, Salesians are building a convent with a church and a technical vocational school for young people from the Roma ethnic group. Girls and boys will learn artisanal trades here. This is a dedicated project that ACN generously promotes. A young local man commented on it: “Thank you for the care! Otherwise I would not have completed my school leaving examination and would probably have had children at 18, but neither work nor a family.”