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The country, which has a population of around 20 million, is characterised by unemployment, corruption and the lack of social and economic prospects. The Romanian-Orthodox Church unites some 87 % of the population. The Catholic Church is thus in the minority. Disadvantages in the allocation of public funds are a daily occurrence for the local Christian churches. We support the Romanian Church, especially by constructing places of worship and training priests.

The extreme minority situation of the Catholic Church in Romania also leads to numerous instances of discrimination. Many local Christian churches simply lack the money to invest in their outdated infrastructure. Here, ACN assists the churches financially and supports the renovation of church buildings, enabling the faithful to worship in a dignified manner.

Training of seminarians from the diocese of Iași.
Training of seminarians from the diocese of Iași.

» Because many families are emigrating to Western Europe, vocations to priesthood are also dwindling. «

Another problem is the catastrophic situation regarding new recruits in the Romanian Catholic Church. This results from the fact that many Romanians have been driven abroad due to corrupt structures in politics and business, exacerbated by the economic downturn. As a result of emigration, there is a lack of faithful, committed young people who are eligible for the priesthood. We therefore support the Church in the help for vocations and training of seminarians and provide vehicles so that the remaining priests can perform their pastoral tasks, even in remote parishes.